Developer gets closer to running Windows 11 on Surface Duo

Running Windows 11 on the Surface Duo has proven to be challenging

A developer has been working on a project that aims to get Windows 11 running on a Surface Duo. What can only be described as a passion project, Gustave Monce is making incremental advancements in this pursuit and has hit a new milestone.

In a new video Monce recently shared, the developer explains that the performance is now better than they expected. They compare the performance to a Lumia 950 XL, and notes that the difference is an “ocean.” Monce also confirms that the thermals of the Surface Duo are “very good.”

Although it’s far from perfect, Monce can run a form of Windows 11 across the two screens of the Surface Duo. The video shows the File Explorer window being dragged across the left to the right before snapping to the right screen. Monce also briefly demos Microsoft Edge running on the left screen.

Following the initial clip, Monce shows that the Adreno GPU and shaders are all working well. The developer controls the systems and apps using a Bluetooth mouse. They states that there is no touch support currently but say that it’s coming “soon.”

However, there are some glaring issues. For example, there are on-screen glitches during the demo and there’s no LTE support. With Windows 11, the Surface Duo’s camera and gyroscope are also not working.

It’s also worth noting that Monce’s work is on the original Surface Duo. None of these advancements appear to be operational on the Surface Duo 2.

It’s unclear why Monce is putting so much work into getting Windows 11 running on the device, especially since the Surface Duo is already a pretty niche device. That said, seeing Windows 11 work across the Surface Duo’s dual-screen is still still pretty impressive.

Image credit: @gus33000

Source: @gus33000 Via: Windows Central