Google Nest Hub to receive expanded Google Fit and Fitbit integration

Google Next Hub will be able to display steps, calories burned, and other useful health activity

Google is expanding its health integrations from Google Fit and Fitbit on the Nest Hub. Moving forward, the Nest Hub can display the number of steps taken, calories burned, and other useful metrics regarding the user.

Google has published a new support page. The article covers the new integrations and what to do to enable them on the user’s end. “Activity metrics like number of steps and calories burned from Google Fit or Fitbit can be shown on your Nest display,” are amongst the latest integrations, says Google.

In order to enable the integrations, users must access certain Google Assistant settings. To link your Fitness account, users must navigate to the Google Home app and go to the ‘Assistant settings’ tab and to ‘Wellness.’ From there, navigating to ‘Activity’ and selecting either ‘Google Fit or Fitbit’ pulls up the ‘Connect’ option.

Currently, Google Next Hub displays sleep analytics on the second-generation Nest Hub. The devices show these stats as part of the ‘Wellness’ tab with Soli-powered Sleep Sensing. The assumption is that users can also verbally ask Google Assistant for these analytics as well.

Google lists the support page as a sub-category under the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen.) This gives us a pretty clear indication as to what hardware will have access to this integration. However, given that other devices have access to ‘Personal results’ and ‘Proactive health & fitness results’ permissions, other Smart Display devices may be compatible.

There’s currently no word on when Google plans for a wide rollout of these integrations for its Nest Hub.

Source: Google Via: 9to5Google