Microsoft Office’s ‘Clippy’ assistant is now in Halo Infinite

Clippy is here to help you 3-shot foes with the BR

Halo Infinite Clippy

The above headline is not something I thought I’d ever write.

Halo Infinite Season 2, a much-needed update to 343 Industries’ beleaguered shooter, features an easter egg for fellow olds who remember the early days of Microsoft’s Office suite.

Clippy, the cartoon paperclip virtual assistant from 90s to early 2000s versions of Office, is a Legendary/Epic level Battle Pass award in Season 2 Lone Wolves. The stylized version of Clippy is listed as “Clipster” in the game’s battle pass, and is both an emblem and a very cool-looking weapon charm.

James Shields, Microsoft’s senior product manager of Xbox hardware, showed off Clippy’s in-game Halo Infinite appearance in a recent tweet.

Lonewolves includes the return of classic game modes like ‘King of the Hill’ and the small-scale, battle royale-like ‘Last Spartan Standing.’ Other features include two new maps, ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Breaker,’ a new 100-tier paid battle pass with additional armour and other cosmetic unlockables, and more.

Image credit: @shieldsjames

Source: @shieldsjames Via: Polygon