Apple Music replacing some apps in iPhone Dock when installed from App Store

It's unlikely this is an intentional move by Apple

Apple Music

It looks like Apple Music is replacing some apps (even third-party ones) on the iPhone’s Dock after it’s installed.

As first reported by MacRumors, several reports of the issue have appeared on Twitter and Reddit. In one instance, Twitter user Kevin Archer says that Apple Music is only replacing non-Apple apps. Still, TechCrunch says that’s not the case and that Apple Music takes over Apple’s own camera app and Safari in the dock.

Other reports state that Apple Music is automatically being set as the iPhone’s default music streaming platform when it’s installed, even if another app has already been set. The issue seems to affect iOS devices running 15.4.1 and earlier versions of iOS 15.

Though it would make sense to assume that this isn’t a bug and is an intentional move on Apple’s part, likely, that isn’t the case given the microscope the company is currently under regarding favouring its own apps.

That said, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney claims that when he installed Apple Music, Spotify was removed from the dock, stating that Apple has “rigged” iOS to favour its own apps in the Dock despite the random nature of the glitch.

Apple will likely solve this issue relatively quickly.

Source: @TimSweeneyEpic Via: MacRumors, TechCrunch