Canadian streamer xQc’s father calls him on stream to discuss his gambling debt

The streamer lost about $1.8 million gambling last month


Canadian Twitch streamer xQc has admitted to losing $1.8 million USD (roughly $2.3 million CAD) to gambling last month. After he admitted the substantial loss of money, his father called him during a stream to ask if he was okay and show that he was worried about his son’s gambling problem.

The Quebecois streamer Félix Lengyel (xQc) appeared on a podcast on May 1st with another famous Canadian streamer, Pokimane. In the podcast, Lengyel explains that he gambles a lot saying that it’s “it’s fun, I can afford it, I can afford doing it.” xQc then expressed that he doesn’t only gamble when he’s on stream, but does it all the time, even when he’s not streaming and admits to being “addicted.”

On May 2nd after hearing about the news, xQc’s father called him during a live stream.

“Stop, stop. Nah, yeah, I lost some money yesterday,” answered xQc. “What about it?”

His dad responded, “You’re my little boy!”

“Dad, stop reading f******* clickbait articles, man,” the streamer interrupted. “I lose money sometimes. It happens. What’s up?”

His father then switches to French. My French is pretty rusty, but I’m pretty sure he says to not talk to him like that, and then asks Lengyel if he’s alright?

Afterwards, it gets a bit confusing and asks “between 1 to 5?” and xQc replies 110. His dad then says that he should speak to him in French.

Next, xQc’s dad says “and I don’t have to worry?” and the phone call ends shortly afterwards.

The 26-year-old streamer started his career with Overwatch and is now one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. He claims to have more than two million dollars in bitcoin and has an assumed net worth of $9 million USD (roughly $11.5 million CAD), according to Sportskeeda.

While losing $2 million is obviously a huge hit, it seems the Canadian streamer has a few more million to lose.

Via: Kotaku