Twitter might get mix-media tweet support and a pronoun field

There also seems to be a mystery "award" button


Despite being acquired by Elon Musk, Twitter is rumoured to be working on several new features.

The leak information includes Twitter for Android supporting the ability to add pictures and videos in the same tweet, tweet-related awards and a new field for pronouns.

Well-known developer Dylan Roussel spotted the new mixed media features within the Twitter for Android app. The feature allowed him to add a picture and one video in the same tweet.

Additionally, there will reportedly be an option to award tweets, according to 9to5Google. The feature appears as a gift icon below a tweet, next to the retweet and like/share buttons. It’s unclear what the feature is for. There’s a possibility it could be a new method of monetizing or functionality tied to the platform’s subscription service, Twitter Blue.

There’s also a new field for users to include their pronouns. Many people already have their pronouns included in their bio or their display name, so it’s unclear where the feature will officially appear on profiles.

9to5 goes on to say that it uncovered more information about the previously leaked Twitter Status feature. The ability to “discover” or “join” a status could be on the way, though it’s still unclear what this feature will actually do.

Source: @evowizz, 9to5Google