343 Industries responds to Halo Infinite Season 2’s rough launch

To say the release of Lone Wolves has been bumpy would be an understatement

Halo Infinite Season 2

If you’ve been following Halo Infinite for the last few months, you likely won’t be surprised to hear that Season 2 Lone Wolves is not off to a great start.

The second season of the game’s multiplayer mode is plagued with several issues, including the removal of skill jumps/slides, connectivity, overly specific challenges and the strangest of all, a weapon jamming glitch.

Yes, you read that correctly, the latest update to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode actually causes some weapons to intermittently lock.

Thankfully, it seems 343 Industries is listening to the title’s often not very forgiving fan base. John Junyszek, Halo Infinite senior community manager and Joseph Staten, the game’s head of creative, recently took to Twitter to discuss players’ concerns.

Hopefully, an update is released shortly that restores at least some of the title’s skill jumps but more importantly, fixes the game’s gun jamming issue. As a frequently Halo Infinite player, I can confirm that the jamming glitch is quite common and often appears at the most inopportune times (I actually thought my controller was broken at first). It seems there’s a possibility that the problem could be tied to a new trigger dead zone setting added in the season 2 update.

Though Lone Wolves suffers from a myriad of issues, Season 2 also offers several new game modes, including the return of ‘King of the Hill,’ and the surprisingly great ‘Last Spartan Standing,’ which has convinced me that maybe some variant of a battle royale mode could work in Infinite.

Other updates include new maps ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Breaker’ and a 100-tier battle pass with additional armour and cosmetic unlocks. Microsoft Office’s ‘Clippy’ also makes a surprise appearance.

Image credit: 343 Industires 

Source: @joestaten, @Unyshek, Reddit ‘Mother-chocolate-505’