Ikea Canada internal data breach impacts an estimated 95,000 Canadians

The company confirms that no financial or banking information was accessed during the breach

Ikea Canada has suffered a security breach, affecting upwards of 95,000 Canadians. The company is working to prevent third parties from storing, accessing, and using said data. Ikea Canada submitted a report to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC).

Global News confirmed the news following Ikea Canada’s data breach. As a result of the breach, the personal information of customers appeared in the results of generic searches made by an employee between March 1st to March 3rd. These searches in question were made by an employee.

Calgary-based customer Arthur Gallant, received an email from Ikea, with a notice that his privacy was breached. “It’s cold comfort to be told my financial information was not accessed,” Gallant said in an interview with Global News. “Because the information that was accessed is still pretty private.” Ikea Canada confirms that no financial or banking information was accessed during the breach.

Ikea Canada states that “actions to remedy this situation” are being taken as a result of the breach. The company is reviewing internal processes and is reminding co-workers of their “obligation to protect customer information.”

Following its report to the OPC, officials are in communication with the company to address the situation. However, the next steps are reportedly unknown currently.

Apart from financial information, customer names, emails, phone numbers and postal codes were among the data. Customer’s Ikea Family loyalty numbers may also have been leaked.

As with any privacy breach, Ikea Canada encourages customers to take appropriate caution.

Image credit: Ikea

Source: Global News