Bell offers $10/month discount on its two ‘Ultimate’ plans

The discount will bring the cost of both plans under $100 a month

Bell is offering a $10 monthly credit on its ‘Ultimate’ plans.

The credit will be applied each month for one year on new activations. Customers can buy a new phone or use their own when redeeming the online promotion.

The offer will reduce the cost of the Ultimate 45 plan from $95/month to $85/month. The plan offers 45GB of data at 5G speeds and unlimited data at reduced speeds after that.

The offer also applies to the Ultimate 50 plan, which includes 50GB of data at 5G and unlimited data at reduced speeds once the threshold is reached. The plan will cost $90/month over 12 months with the discount.

The promotion went into effect on May 4th, a day before Bell released its first-quarter results for the year. Those results showed its wireless business played a significant role in securing overall revenue. Service revenue from mobile customers grew 8.7 percent year over year.

You can check out the promotion on Bell’s website.