Starlink to provide internet access to 10,000 underserved homes in Quebec

The Government of Quebec solicited the company's services

The Government of Quebec is tapping on SpaceX’s shoulder to fulfill its promise of delivering high-speed internet to underserved communities.

Gilles Belanger, the parliamentary assistant to the premier for high-speed internet, said the company’s low-earth orbit satellites, offered through Starlink, were the best option to connect remote homes that are hard to reach through fibre optics, according to a report from The Canadian Press outlines.

“The only solution to connect these orphaned households is the SpaceX solution. I’m not linking to Elon Musk, I’m linking to the technology solution, which is the most advanced,” Belanger said.

Starlink will provide internet access to 10,000 homes with 100Mbps download speeds. The Government of Quebec is providing $50 million in funding. The homes will be connected by September 30th.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: The Canadian Press