TekSavvy wants the CRTC to update its tariff approval procedure

The ISP says the current process puts wholesale competitors at a disadvantage

Internet service provider TekSavvy has asked the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to reexamine the approval process for competitor tariff filings.

TekSavvy says the current process makes wholesale competitors wait for Commission approval for service speeds offered by retail carriers. But those incumbent carriers can immediately provide the speeds to their customers.

“Service limitations significantly prejudice competition in the provision of retail internet service, depriving Canadian telecom consumers of the very benefits that competitive wholesale access was mandated to provide,” TekSavvy says in its application to the CRTC.

The company wants the CRTC to confirm that “no tariff approval is required to introduce speed tiers that fall within an approved speed-band associated with an approved rate.”

Source: CRTC via Cartt.ca