Canadians supportive of federal measures to regulate internet: survey

The federal government has introduced two legislations, Bill C-11 and Bill C-18, so far

The federal government has shared two legislations to regulate the internet, and recent survey results show most Canadians support the measures.

Commissioned by the Globe and Mail, the results show 55 percent of respondents support the government’s work to regulate the internet, 37 percent oppose it in some way, and 8 percent are unsure. Those against the regulations largely come from the Prairies.

The Online Streaming Act, also known as Bill C-11, was presented in February. It focuses on applying the same rules to streaming services as Canadian broadcasters. If passed, the act would also require streaming services to create Canadian content.

The bill has been met with harsh criticism from several parties.

YouTube’s chief business officer, Robert Kyncl, said the act could threaten Canadian content creators. In March, two creators who create content on TikTok, Darcy Michael and Oorbee Roy, raised similar concerns at a Canadian Heritage Committee meeting.

The second measure the government has taken to regulate the internet is the Online News Act. Known as Bill C-18, it would require digital giants, including Google and Meta, to pay Canadian news organizations for the content they display on their platforms.

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Source: Globe and Mail