Google is releasing its Pixel Tablet in 2023

The company teased the upcoming tablet alongside the Pixel Watch at I/O 2022

Source: MobileSyrup

Next year Google will launch a new tablet called the Pixel Tablet.

This new tablet will run on a Google Tensor chip, just like the Pixel 6 series. This makes sense since Google made such a big deal at I/O about making tablets a more significant focus for Android (again).

It’s unclear why Google showed off this tablet so early, but the model that flashed on-screen looks like someone just ripped the display off of a Nest Hub. Even the front-facing camera is on the top of the tablet when you hold it in landscape mode. Hopefully, Apple will learn a thing or two from this with its next iPad.

It’s also difficult to tell how large this upcoming tablet will be, but it looks more like the size of a standard iPad and not an iPad mini. This will likely disappoint anyone hoping Google will offer a tablet similar in size to iconic Nexus 7.

At the end of the tablet tease, Google showed a close-up of a Google logo with four dots underneath it. These dots look a little bit like the iPad smart connector that Apple uses on the iPad Air and Pro models, suggesting that the Pixel Tablet will be sold alongside some sort of keyboard, possibly like the Pixel Slate that ran Chrome OS a few years ago.

Google also revealed its Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 and Pixel 6a during its I/O keynote. For all of our content from I/O 2022, follow this link.

Image credit: Google