Google announces several new security features at IO 2022

Virtual Cards will not be available in Canada at launch

At I/O 2022, Google announced several new security updates such as a new Account Safety Status, Automatic 2-Step Verification, Virtual Cards and more.

Google’s Virtual Cards is a new feature on Android and Chrome. When you autofill to enter your payment details at checkout, virtual cards will add an additional layer of security by replacing your actual card number with a virtual number.

Further, it eliminates the need to enter card details like CVV at checkout, and you can manage it at pay.google.com.

Unfortunately, Virtual cards will roll out this summer only in the U.S., for Visa, American Express and all Capital One cards. Google is unable to offer a timeline regarding when Virtual cards will come to Canada.

Google is also giving users more ways to minimize their data footprint.

With a new tool, you can now remove personal information from Search. Google Search results containing contact details like phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses can now be removed. Google says this is partially done with AI, but that there will be humans checking these removal requests as well. The company says that this means it will take a couple of days before the personal information is removed.

This feature will be available in the coming months through the Google App, and you can access it by clicking three dots next to the individual Google Search results.

Lastly, you can control what ads you see a lot better. In the ads privacy settings, you can now select which brands you want to see more or less of. This feature applies to YouTube, Search and Discover feed, and you’ll still be able to block and report ads.