Google Pay will update to Google Wallet in Canada in coming weeks

Google Wallet in the U.S. will be different than the Canadian app

At its I/O developer conference, Google launched Google Wallet, a new Android and Wear OS app that will let you store credit cards, loyalty cards, digital IDs and more.

However, according to TechCrunch, Google Pay is pretty much already a wallet, so users in 39 markets, including Canada, will just see Google Pay update to Google Wallet. However, in the U.S. and Singapore, Wallet will be a companion app to Google Pay, where you’ll pay using Google Pay, and the Wallet app will just be somewhere to store your digital cards.

Image Credit: TechCrunch

“The Google Pay app will be a companion app to the Wallet,” Arnold Goldberg, the VP and GM of Payments at Google, said to TechCrunch. “Think of [the Google Pay app] as this higher value app that will be a place for you to make payments and manage money, whereas the wallet will really be this container for you to store your payment assets and your non-payment assets.”

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Image credit: Google

Via: TechCrunch