LaMDA 2 is Google’s ‘most conversational AI yet’

Once you ask LaMDA a question and you get an answer, you can ask follow-up questions that the AI answers intelligently

Google Lamda

Google announced LaMDA, its Language Model for Dialogue Applications during its I/O 2021 keynote. Today, at the company’s 2022 iteration of the developer conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced LaMDA 2, its “most conversational AI yet.”

LaMDA works with AI technology and machine learning to engage in “free-flowing” conversations about a seemingly endless number of topics.

Pichai revealed how the AI helps keep conversations on topic, without diverting. Once you ask LaMDA a question, which can be about anything, and you get an answer, you can ask follow-up questions that the AI answers intelligently.

In a live demo, a Google employee demonstrated how mentioning “I want to plant a vegetable garden” gave responses like “Research what grows best in your area,” “Choose a location in your yard,” “Plan your garden layout,” and other on-topic prompts.  Selecting any of the prompts lets you further dive into your research and get ideas about what you’re looking for.

Additionally, the AI also gives intelligent tips and recommendations, like “If you have a small yard or patio, you can grow tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in containers.”

Google is still receiving feedback on LaMDA, and it says that feedback will be used to polish future versions of the Language Model for Dialogue Applications.

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