Over 130,000 Tesla vehicles recalled due to a CPU heating issue

The issue affects the 2021 Model S, the 2022 Model X and the 2022 Model Y

A new touch screen display issue is causing Tesla to recall nearly 130,000 vehicles across its U.S. model lineup, as reported by The Associated Press (via CTV News).

The affected vehicles, which include the 2021 Model S, the 2022 Model X and the 2022 Model Y and Model 3 seem to have the problem when fast-charging.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the car’s central processing computers (CPU) fail to cool when fast-charging, causing them to lag or restart, which in turn leads to the touch screen display becoming slow, unresponsive or blank.

According to The Associated Press’ report, Tesla is fixing the issue via online software updates, which started rolling out on May 3rd. Tesla claims to have discovered the issue during its routine endurance testing. Although there have been no reports of crashes or injuries, the company has received 59 warranty claims from January to early May regarding the issue.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has recalled faulty vehicles in 2022. Back In February, Tesla recalled over 578,607 vehicles due to a Boombox feature that blocked the mandatory Pedestrian Warning System, whereas, in the same month, about 12,000 Model X vehicles were recalled worldwide over loose trim pieces.

It’s worth noting that the recall seems to be limited to U.S. Tesla owners, however, considering that the issue relates to car’s CPU and touch screen, it likely that Canadians are affected too.

Via: The Associated Press (CTV News)