Active Android devices globally reaches new milestone

Over one billion Android smartphones were activated globally in 2021

Google’s 2022 I/O was full of surprises. From revealing the company’s first smartwatch to showing off the new Pixel Buds Pro and the Pixel 6a, the event sure didn’t disappoint. Though something that might have gone under the radar is how quickly Android is expanding.

Google announced that more than one billion Android smartphones were activated in 2021, marking a new milestone for the company. Considering that, unlike Apple’s iOS, Android is used by several manufacturers all over the world, the staggering number makes a little bit more sense. Further, unlike iOS, Android is available on several low-budget devices, which further helps in boosting the number.

In addition to new activations, Google also talked about RCS, its replacement of SMS and text messaging. According to the company, RCS currently has over 500 million active monthly users, and continuously growing.

Android tablets, on the other hand, are also growing at a fast pace. Over 270 million active Android tablets are currently in circulation, and according to the company, this number will only grow.

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Source: Google