Google Nest Wifi is now discounted by $70, dropping its price to $129

The Nest Wifi point can be a great addition to anyone expanding their current Google Wifi ecosystem

Google’s Nest Wifi is on sale. Currently, those looking to pick up their first Nest Wifi Point for their mesh system can purchase one for $129. The company has dropped its standard $199 price for the time being.

As first discovered by RedFlagDeals ‘,’ the Google Nest Wifi Point is offering $70 worth of savings for those purchasing a device.

In addition, the Nest Wifi Router and Access Point combo are discounted by $100. This may be a great option for anyone who is considering investing in a Google mesh system for their Wi-Fi.

When paired with a Nest Wifi Router, the Google Nest Wifi point is said to provide a strong enough wireless connection for up to 200 connected devices. The Nest Wifi point is also fast enough to stream multiple 4K videos at a time. One Nest Wifi point can sufficiently cover up to 2,200 square feet of space, says Google.

As with other Google-made products, the Google Nest Wifi point integrates into the Google ecosystem. It features Google Assistant features and can be controlled through the Google Home app on iOS and Android.

There’s currently no word on how long the Nest Wifi point is on sale.

Image credit: Google

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