Peloton teases new rowing machine as it continues expanding its fitness lineup

In a bid to remain competitive, Peloton is teasing a new connected rowing machine

Peloton is teasing a rowing machine, its next big fitness expansion. The announcement marks a significant departure from its Peloton Bike line.

In a series of tweets, Peloton teased its rowing machine. First, the account tweeted a not-so-subtle rowing emoji. The company quickly followed that up with a short sneak peek video showing off a look at the rowing machine.

In the video, Peloton promises that the rowing machine offers a mix of cardio training with strength-building exercises. Based on the video and snippets we see of the machine, Peloton’s latest innovation features a minimalist design. As you’d expect, it also features a screen for classes and displays user stats.

The video concludes with Peloton announcing the rowing machine is “coming soon.” There’s no mention of the price of an actual release date. When asked when it will hit the market, Peloton merely directed eager consumers to subscribe to its mailing list on the OnePeloton website.

Peloton is steadily expanding its offerings within the fitness world. Of course, when many think of Peloton, they think of the Peloton Bike+ and Tread products. There’s also the Peloton all-access plan. Starting June 1st, Peloton’s all-access plan in Canada is increasing to $55/month. For the uninitiated, the monthly subscription service offers training programs and classes.

The company also recently launched the Peloton Guide camera, which includes features for strength training and more accurate tracking. Our very own Nida Zafar went hands-on with the device.

Expanding from its bikes, treadmills, and now supplemental tracking systems, a rowing machine may offer a unique experience for users. A Peloton rowing machine can be a versatile device for users to have in their homes. It can offer a lot of focus on strength training while also providing cardio-based workouts.

The total size of the device as well as the price point will be determining factors in how widely a Peloton rowing machine is adopted upon launch.

Image credit: Peloton

Source: @OnePeloton