Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro rumoured to use sapphire glass and titanium

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Pro may be built using some pretty premium materials, improving durability

Samsung has yet to officially release information on its long-rumoured Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. However, reliable tipster Ice Universe claims that Samsung will ship the device with sapphire glass and titanium components.

On Twitter, Ice Universe published a straightforward tweet stating that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is expected to include sapphire glass and a titanium build. The leaker did not detail to what extent these materials will be used. However, it’s a fairly safe bet that Samsung aims to provide a premium device for users.

One can assume that the sapphire will be used for the face of the watch. Sapphire glass is very durable and can provide a significant level of protection from scratches while not being overly cumbersome.

The notion that Samsung aims to use titanium is another story. Titanium is also quite durable. However, it’s still not yet known if titanium will be used for the overall build of the device, or certain components. If the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro integrates titanium throughout its build, it will once again strengthen it.

However, it appears as though Samsung is opting to offer the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as a premium device to users. The use of sapphire glass and titanium may drive up the price significantly. Currently, the 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is available for $499. It’s within reason that the smartwatch could see a price tag of upwards of $699 or more in Canada.

There’s no official word on when Samsung will announce its Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. However, reports indicate a Q3 2022 launch. It’s been previously rumoured that the Galaxy Watch 5 could feature a larger battery and a temperature sensor.

Source: @UniverseIce Via: 9to5Google