Google is setting up the Pixel ecosystem, and Apple better watch out

It all started with Google's Tensor chip

The ethos of connected products that work well together is starting to shape nearly all tech companies.

Google came out strong at I/O 2022 with a perspective lineup of products and updates designed to spread the Google experience further than ever before. Even Samsung and Windows are starting to play nice as the companies realize that a phone and computer are more helpful when connected. Not to be left out, Carl Pei’s startup Nothing is touting its goal of making its products work cohesively in an Apple-like way, and the company hasn’t even released its first smartphone yet.

Google’s strategy is the most exciting since the company has the backing, talent and, most importantly, its own chip. Tensor might not be a true Apple M1 or iPhone chip series competitor yet, but the possibility of Google being a full-stack hardware and software giant moves it closer to Apple than ever before. And if there is a company that can match Apple’s chips, I’d bet on the big G.

If Google can keep its software polished and its prices low, it’s setting up its devices to look very desirable.

Google Tensor chip

There’s no denying that Samsung has the power to do this too, but the company’s approach feels too disparate and niche. In reality, Samsung is primarily a hardware maker that runs Windows and Android on its devices. Even its product lineup is too diverse.

Since Google steers the Android ship and has Chrome OS (as lacklustre as it is currently), it’s better positioned to create a cohesive ecosystem. The company isn’t distracted by making TVs, Microwaves, fridges, laptops, Chromebooks, smartphones and more. Sure, Google has more software endeavours than Samsung, and the Nest line offers a lot of products, but its consumer-facing hardware is starting to share a consistent look and feel that’s very Apple-like.

Look no further than all of the products Google unveiled at I/O 2022 to see how clearly the company is trying to meld its products together this year.

Google still has a long way to go, but it finally seems to recognize that it’s not competing with only the iPhone — it’s competing with the entire Apple ecosystem.

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