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What do you want to see in Google’s Pixel 7 Pro?

Maybe Google should bring back Active Edge

In a surprising turn of events, Google revealed the rear of the Pixel 7 Pro during its I/O 2022 keynote on Wednesday.

As a big fan of the Pixel line, I was ecstatic to catch a glimpse of the device so early but other than colour variants, Android 13 and Tensor processor 2, we don’t know very much about the Pixel 7 series.

With this in mind, let’s get to this week’s community question: what do you want to see featured in Google’s Pixel 7 Pro?

Below are some of the specs I hope make their way into Google’s flagship:

  • At least 12GB of RAM — this is probably likely since the Pixel 6 Pro featured 12GB of RAM
  • 120Hz refresh rate display with 240hz touch sensing rate
  • Starts at 256GB of storage
  • 6.7-inch display with a resolution of around 1,440 x 3,200 pixels.
  • Face unlock in combination with an in-display fingerprint scanner
  • 5,500mAh battery with charging speeds up to 45W
  • I’d personally like to see ‘Active Edge’ make a reappearance, but I know I’m in the one percent of people who care about that
  • Up to 10x optical zoom
  • High-level in-display camera, but only if it’s good
  • Thinner bezels
  • Loud stereo speakers

Let us know in the comments below what you want to see from the Pixel 7 Pro.

Image credit: Google