New leak suggest seven Intel GPUs will release soon

There will be five regular variants and two pro options

A new batch of Intel Driver updates may have leaked new information about the hardware company’s upcoming graphics card lineup.

It’s expected that the graphics card that PC builders can use will be called the A310, A380, A580, A750 and the A770. These are the same names as Intel’s mobile GPU units, but without an ‘M’ prefix at the end.

The leak also mentions something called the Intel Arc Pro A30M laptop card and an Arc Pro A40/A50, which are expected to be traditional fully-sized GPU units. I’d expect the conventional GPUs to be sold with around 8GB of RAM as a starting point with more attached to the highest-end cards, and then the ‘Pro’ models will offer more RAM. There’s also a chance that these Pro models will also pack in more or faster chips.

Nvidia does something similar with its cards. For example, you can get an RTX 3060 with 8GB of RAM for gaming, but for a workstation computer, you can also get a variant with 12GB of RAM.

A report from Digital Trends suggests that we’ll likely see the lower end, A300-series Intel GPUs appearing in pre-built PCs at the mid-point of 2022 and then the higher-end cards will start to come out after. The hesitancy of Intel to release the cards at once to the public make me think that the company still needs to put more work into the GPUs, but only time will tell if they’re competitive or not.

Source: Intel Via: Digital Trends