Two new Ecobee smart thermostats leak online

The Ecobee Enhanced and the Ecobee Premium are reported to be replacing the current Ecobee 3 lite and Ecobee Smart Thermostat, respectively.

Toronto-based Ecobee is rumoured to be releasing two new smart thermostats, according to ZatsNotFunny.

The two new smart thermostats, the ‘Ecobee Enhanced’ and the ‘Ecobee Premium,’ leaked through a Reddit thread and a Canadian Tire listing, respectively.

The Ecobee Premium appears to be a replacement for the current Smart Thermostat, whereas Ecobee Enhanced seems to be replacing the current Ecobee 3 lite.

According to the report, the Smart Thermostat Premium will include a new built-in air quality sensor that will monitor the air quality inside your house and provide advice on how to enhance air quality. The new thermostat is expected to retain both Siri and Alexa voice assistants and sport a “vibrant display with a cinematic interface.”

The Ecobee Enhanced, on the other hand, is also expected to feature a new “vibrant display with a cinematic interface” alongside a more compact, inverted installation plate.

While none of the leaks mention a tentative release date, considering that the whole product listing made it to Canadian Tire’s website, it would be wise to think that the new thermostats would be released in the near future.

Image credit: Reddit ‘justabasement’,’ ZatsNotFunny

Source: ZatsNotFunny