USB-C might come to AirPods and other Apple accessories

It looks like Lightning won't strike anymore

Apple Lightning accesories

It looks like Apple’s shift to USB-C could involve more than just the iPhone.

According to a report from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has plans to move its AirPods, its mouse and keyboard peripherals and more to USB-C.

It seems the Lightning port’s days may really be numbered.

In Kuo’s recent tweet, the analyst says that Apple is likely shifting away from the prospect of a portless iPhone due to Qi wireless charging’s limitations. Kuo was the first to report that Apple has plans to move the iPhone to USB-C with its 2023 smartphone lineup, which was then corroborated by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman a few days later.

It’s unclear what the timeline is for Apple’s accessories to shift to USB-C, but this move likely won’t happen before the iPhone 15 ditches the lightning port.

It’s possible that Apple’s motivation to make the jump to USB-C is spurred by the European Union (EU) pushing a universal charging port for all devices.

As someone who has repeatedly stated that Apple will never entirely ditch its Lightning port, particularly with the iPhone, I still find these rumours difficult to believe. That said, whenever a rumour appears this often, there’s typically some level of truth to it.

The prospect of ditching all of my Lightning cables for one USB-C cable that can charge nearly all of my devices is definitely very appealing.

S0urce: @mingchikuo