Apple team reportedly struggling with AR headset development

An early design allowed users to swap batteries


New information has surfaced regarding Apple’s long-rumoured VR/AR headset.

The details come from The Information reporter Wayne Ma’s report detailing technical challenges the tech giant has experienced while developing the headset.

The report says that Apple’s team working on the project has struggled to get assistance from the other parts of the company. Further, it says that since mid-2017, this team has worked out Apple’s Cupertino headquarters and buildings in Sunnyvale, California, in order to help “preserve the group’s invisibility to the rest of Apple.”

Additionally, at one point the team was reportedly looking into swappable batteries for the headset to extend battery life, but then the idea was ditched because of complexities involved. However, now the headset offers that can last “several hours,” similar to Apple’s other products.

The Information’s full article offers more insight into the complications Apple’s VR/AR team has faced during the device’s development.

Apple’s AR headset will reportedly utilize an M1-based chip, similar to its iPad Pro and M1 Mac. Apple’s VR/AR headset is rumoured to launch in 2023, according to previous reports.

Source: MacRumors, The Information