CRTC chair says focus on meeting with Bell executive ‘misplaced’

Ian Scott made the comments at the International Institute of Communications annual conference

Ian Scott said the attention his 2019 meeting with Bell executive Mirko Bibic recieved is “misplaced.”

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications (CRTC) chair made the comments as part of a keynote interview with National Post reporter Anja Karadeglija at the International Institute of Communications annual conference.

“It’s unfortunate that so much is attached to the title of the chair — I don’t make decisions for the Commission,” Cartt.ca quoted Scott as saying.

He said roughly 80 people advise on situations relating to telecommunications, “so the focus is a bit misplaced.”

The 2019 meeting took place after the CRTC announced internet rates were too high and telecom companies had to lower them. The CRTC reversed the decision on May 27th, 2021, after the leading telecom companies filed appeals.

Scott chalked the change up to a mistake. “Now, why did we reverse course? To put it simply, we got the initial decision wrong,” Scott told the parliamentary committee of industry and technology in February. “We couldn’t move ahead with rates that we knew were erroneous.”

The Ethics Commissioner will investigate several allegations internet service provider TekSavvy filed, including meeting with litigants from Bell, Rogers, and Shaw with a file on wholesale internet rates was open. The infamous meeting with Bibic is also included.

Source: Cartt.ca