Sonos’ new affordable Sub Mini leaks ahead of official reveal

The leaks follow days after Sonos revealed its new home entertainment Ray soundbar

The new Sonos Sub Mini has leaked ahead of an official reveal from the company. This news comes off the heels of Sonos launching its new Ray soundbar, dedicated to home entertainment.

The first details of a Sonos-made entry-level wireless subwoofer come from a leak reported by The Verge. Named the “Sub Mini,” the subwoofer supposedly features a cylindrical design and a pill-shaped cutout in the middle. The Verge created a render based on a picture seen by the outlet.

Image credit: The Verge

The dimensions of the Sonos Sub Mini are not yet known. However, given the “Mini” name, Sonos may be looking at developing a smaller, more compact device. On top of that, The Verge wasn’t able to nail down a possible price point for the Sub Mini either.

Last week, Sonos launched the Ray soundbar. Hitting the market, it’s the company’s most affordable soundbar and opts to provide solutions to those purchasing their very first soundbar. The Ray soundbar hit Canadian markets for a reasonable $349 with several interesting features. It is also compatible with Sonos rear surround speakers and subwoofers.

Sonos has a clear goal of catering to those building a home entertainment centre. Adding a subwoofer that doesn’t break the bank only deepens that narrative. The combination of a Sonos Ray and Sonos Sub Mini could be tantalizing for anymore moving away from using their TV speakers.

Sonos currently offers its Sub (Gen 3) for $949. It’s positioned as a premium subsystem and offers low frequencies. The Sonos Sub Mini will be offered at a much more affordable price upon launch.

Source: The Verge Via: 9to5Mac