Sony releases gamer dictionary so you can brush up on your PlayStation A-Zs

‘O’ is for ‘Out of stock PlayStation 5s’

Sony has released a gamer dictionary for PlayStation players, with over 100 video game-related terms.

Dubbed the ‘PlayStation Ultimate list of popular, gaming-related terms,’ Sony gives a run-through of some of the more commonly used phrases across the gaming community.

The kneejerk reaction is to expect a number of early 2000s phrases like “Noob.” However, Sony actually managed to create something more than that. The list features a comprehensive list of phrases that may help someone who feels overwhelmed when discussing games.

“Discover the definitions of some of gaming’s most popular words, terminology and slang phases,” Sony writes in the dictionary. The company continues and actually succeeds in providing useful definitions.

Across the full A-Z list, Sony includes a number of definitions for genre-specific terms. Here, we see details for genres like “ARPGs,” “RPGs,” “CRPGs,” etc. Sony also goes on to provide definitions for terms that many players may think are pretty standard. “Dungeons,” “party,” and skins” are terms many players are probably used to. However, casual gamers or those dipping their toes into specific genres may not have the slightest idea.

The list also includes some terms that are pretty in-depth for players. “Min-max,” “RNG,” “OP,” and “Kiting” are all among those that can really be a headscratcher for those unfamiliar with the terms.

This is a project you’d expect to see come from a group of passionate players within the community. There is some humour here seeing Sony publish this list on the official website. It covers a breadth of terms that are commonly found within gaming but doesn’t necessarily add much in terms of the PlayStation ecosystem or its hardcore player base.

Image credit: Sony

Source: PlayStation Via: Gamespot