Apple’s new ad highlights the tech giant’s emphasis on privacy

Everybody wants your data

One thing Apple nearly always does well are its clever advertisements.

The tech giant’s latest ad once again shines a light on its emphasis on privacy and stopping third-party companies and data brokers from selling your personal information.

In the roughly minute and a half advertisement, iPhone user Ellie uncovers a world of data brokers and companies buying and selling the information located on her smartphone, including her emails, drugstore purchases, browsing history and even her contact information depicted through the sale of her grandmother (which is kind of weird).

As you likely already guessed, Ellie uses Apple’s various privacy-focused features like App Tracking Transparency and Mail Privacy Protection to prevent the sale of her data.

As far as ads go, this one is pretty amusing and also does a decent job of highlighting Apple’s emphasis on privacy, something Google spent a significant amount of its recent I/O 2022 presentation discussing.

Image credit: Apple

Source: Apple (YouTube)