Upgrade your Pela case with a MagSafe ring

The perfect companion for your biodegradable Pela case

If you have an iPhone 13 series device, you likely want to take advantage of Apple’s MagSafe technology to charge or attach accessories to your new smartphone. The issue is not all cases support the new Apple accessory standard.

Priced at $7.95, Pela sells a modular case upgrade called the ‘MagSafe Module’ compatible with all standard Pela iPhone 13 cases.

It’s effortless to use since all you need to do is remove the plastic coating, then stick the magnetic side to the back of the case. Next, put the case on your iPhone 13, and you’re good to go.

This little ring helps fill in some of the space inside the back of an iPhone 13 Pela case, as there’s a space in the back of the case if you don’t have the MagSafe ring. And in my experience, it works almost as well as MagSafe magnets actually built into a case.

Technically, the MagSafe ring will only stick to one phone case, but there are some ways around it as the feature is quite versatile.

You can purchase a new MagSafe module ring from Pela for $7.95, and if you’re interested in getting a new case for your existing phone, head over to Pelacase.ca. The Canadian company offers several options for both Android and iPhone users.

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