Valve’s latest Steam Deck update could make the handheld’s fans quieter

Hopefully this works!

Steam Deck

In a recent blog post, Valve outlined how SteamOS 3.2 beta improves the Steam Deck’s fan curve and increases its max volume.

Though it’s unclear when the final version of this beta update will be available, Valve making the Steam Deck’s fans quieter is definitely a good thing. I’ve been very impressed with the portable, but its fans are ridiculously noisy. For example, if I’m using the handheld beside my partner, she can hear the high-pitched whine.

I’ve yet to install the update on my Steam Deck, but hopefully, it mitigates this issue.

The complete list of updates can be found below:

  • Updated fan controller — now smarter, more stable, and quieter overall
  • Performance HUD now shows a more accurate reading of VRAM used (previously would cap out at 1G used)
  • Added more internal resolution options for games to choose from
  • Fixed gain staging, resulting in higher max volume and removing white noise coming through 3.5mm jack with some headphones.
  • Fixed PipeWire and Steam failing to elevate their thread priorities
  • Fixed the language dropdown in the Warframe launcher

The Steam Deck is far from perfect, but the near-weekly rate Valve is releasing updates for the portable is impressive. Check out my in-depth look at the handheld for more on the Steam Deck.

Source: Valve, @lawrenceyang