SteelSeries’ new Arctis Nova Pro line offers 360-degree spatial audio and a premium design

The new Arctis Nova Pro models feature wired and wireless variations and other customization options

SteelSeries has announced its new flagship Arctis Nova Pro headsets, designed for console and PC. The Arctis Nova Pro line offers 360-degree spatial audio support, comfort, and AI-enabled noise cancellation.

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro is compatible with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The headset is available in a wired and wireless variations, so players can tailor their audio experience. Additionally, SteelSeries’ new headset is built around comfort. The Arctis Nova Pro features four points of adjustment. Users can adjust the height of the earcups as well as rotate them. Plus, the headset offers pivoting hangers and a tension band across the head. As for customization options, SteelSeries is selling Nova Booster Packs with 1 headband and interchangeable speaker plates for $45.99.

The available colour options are ‘Red,’ ‘Lilac,’ ‘Mint’ and ‘Rose.’

As far as audio feature sets are concerned, the Arctis Nova Pro supports 360-degree spatial audio through the content’s 5.1 and 7.1 surround soundtracks. It also utilizes custom speaker drivers with a dual-diaphragm design. SteelSeries is also using the new Sonar Audio Suite to deliver the world’s first pro-grade parametric EQ for players. Based on reports, this feature supports specific frequencies to pick up the sounds of footsteps and broken glass. This audio support can be critical when playing competitive games where pinpointing enemy locations is crucial.

On top of that, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro comes with some pretty neat premium features. The first is the new GameDAC Gen 2, which features Hi-Res Audio Certification. Additionally, SteelSeries supports a new Quad DAC. Players can adjust audio inputs, volume, and EQ by using the DAC’s OLED display. Players will also find a fully retractable mic. This microphone supports AI noise cancellation, ensuring those in your party can hear you properly. On top of that, the Arctis Nove Pro lineup features a dual battery system to swap to when running low. It also features Bluetooth and a dedicated 2.4Ghz connection.

Naturally, when sporting this amount of premium features, an appropriate price tag comes along with the device. The wireless Arctis Nova Pro is available for $449. The wired version can be purchased for $324.

Image credit: SteelSeries

Source: SteelSeries Via: Engadget