Governments of Canada and Quebec announce joint investments for high-speed internet

The funds will benefit 55 rural households in Quebec

The governments of Canada and Quebec are investing almost $200,000 each to bring high-speed internet services to 55 rural households in the province.

The investments will benefit the communities of L’Épiphanie, Boucherville, and Bromont. The governments have tasked telecom giant Bell with the projects.

“High-speed internet connectivity is essential, not only for telework but also for the social and economic development of the regions. Jobs, courses, social activities and even health care happen online now,” Gilles Bélanger, Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier of Quebec, said.

In separate news, Telus is also making significant investments in the province. Most recently, it invested $20 million to bring 5G and PureFibre networks to the Lower St. Lawrence region.

Updated 05/27/2022 9:47am EST: Information on Telus’ investment has been added.

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Source: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada