Amazon Cloud Cam users to receive free camera amid service shut down

Any outdated hardware will end on December 2nd

Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon will give away a free camera to Cloud Cam subscribers after revealing plans to shut down its service.

The Verge and MacRumors discovered that users will be offered a free Blink Mini security camera and a one-year subscription to the Blink Subscription Plus service (approximate value of $100 per year) by Amazon before the service ends on December 2nd.

Owners will also get a 4th-gen Echo speaker as a replacement for the smart home hub.

Amazon customers received an email about the shut down of Cloud Cam severs where Amazon says it plans to focus Blink, Ring and other smart home devices. This means that video recording storage will no longer be available and the ability to connect to smart locks via the Cloud Cam Key Edition will end until substituted with an Echo.

However, even though the camera is free, features such as quick-video access and motion-based recording will cost about $30 USD per year (approximately $38 CAD) as part of a basic subscription with Amazon-owned Blink.

Image credit: Amazon

Source: The Verge, MacRumors