Steam Deck dock delayed by Valve again due to supply shortages, work closures

COVID-19 has created more hurdles for the release of Valve's Steam Deck dock

Valve is once again delaying the launch of its Steam Deck dock. After pushing the release past the handheld’s official launch, Valve says that COVID-19 is affecting production.

Much like the Nintendo Switch, the Valve Steam Deck is designed to be used as a handheld. However, also supports a docking station to be connected to a TV or monitor. Initially, Valve intended to launch the Steam Deck with its own docking station as a separate purchase. Upon its launch of the first orders of the Steam Deck in February, Valve pushed its launch.

Now, the company informs the community that COVID-19-related supply shortages and work stoppages have caused further delays. Unfortunately, with the latest delay, Valve isn’t providing a new release window. However, the company claims it is “working on improving the situation.”

The Steam Deck dock enables connectivity between the handheld and a display, streamlining the port access. However, outside of the official dock, there are third-party USB-C hubs and external displays. Valve itself is also open to users tapping into the power of other USB-C hubs. In fact, the company is “continuing to work on improving the docked experience.”

As far as what this means for current customers waiting for their Steam Deck order to ship, Valve claims this has no effect. Valve confirms that it’s leaning on different parts and different factories to produce the Steam Deck and its docking station. Therefore, “this has no effect on [the] production schedule and reservation windows for Steam Decks.”

Source: Valve Via: The Verge