Globalive takes its offer to buy Freedom Mobile to Shaw

The offer is worth $3.75 billion

Globalive has taken its offer to purchase Freedom Mobile to Shaw, The Globe and Mail reports.

The company, chaired by Wind Mobile founder Anthony Lacavera, presented a $3.75 billion offer to Shaw directly. Wind Mobile was sold to Shaw in 2016 and rebranded to Freedom Mobile.

According to The Globe and Mail, the offer is the same one Globalive made to Rogers in May and frustration from the process led Globalive to take the offer directly to Shaw.

Rogers is selling Freedom Mobile to appease competition concerns and gain approval for the $26 billion takeover of Shaw.

“We have made our offer for Freedom Mobile to Shaw directly because Rogers has continued to decline to engage with us despite the strength of our $3.75B offer,” Lacavera tweeted Friday.

“Why? Simply because Rogers does not want there to be more competition in wireless services.”

A Shaw spokesperson told The Globe and Mail it’s not in a position to look into the offer, as its deal with Rogers prohibits it.

Rogers has been in talks with various companies to buy Freedom, including Xplornet and Vidéotron.

Source: The Globe and Mail