TikTok creator Jericho Mencke unveils new comedy docuseries

Pearpop is co-producing it along with Jericho Mencke as host

Pearpop and creator Jericho Mencke (@jercho1) are hosting a new comedy docuseries utilizing TikTok Live Events.

The series, called Finding Jericho, is exclusive to the social media platform, and is available through a $5 USD (approximately $6.29 CAD) subscription for all eight episodes, though the first two will be free.

The series will begin airing on TikTok on June 2nd at 12am ET/9pm PT with each episode running roughly 30 minutes. Subsequent episodes will be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12am ET/9pm PT.

It’s worth noting that Mencke is using Live Events to put out the comedy docuseries, not Live Subscription.

Image credit: Pearpop

Update: This article has been updated for clarity.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, TikTok Via: Engadget