Online streaming bill will generate $1 billion a year, Minister Rodriguez says

The funds will go towards Canada's creative sector

Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez said Monday the government’s proposed online streaming bill would create $1 billion a year for Canada’s creative sector.

The bill is looking into subjecting streaming services, like Netflix, to the same rules as Canadian broadcasters.

According to The Canadian Press, the figure is an increase from the original $830 million a year Rodriguez said the online streaming bill would bring in. The Minister said this is because more users have subscribed to streaming platforms since the Ministry made the original calculation.

The government first shared details on the bill in February.

The funds will go towards diverse programs, including Indigenous content and programming in French, he said.

“We will want to be able to hear more diverse voices. We want to hear Indigenous voices more. Maybe we can do it with a mandatory provision. Maybe we can find other ways to do so – and looking at official languages as well,” he said.

Source: The Canadian Press