Cisco now allows Webex users to move virtual meetings between devices

The company is taking hybrid workplaces to a whole new level

Webex users can now keep their virtual meetings active in various settings and without interruptions.

The video conference tool by Cisco now has Move to Mobile, which allows people to move their Webex calls from desktop to iPhone to Apple CarPlay.

Cisco directly built the feature into Webex Meetings. A QR code is generated when using it through the desktop that transfers a meeting to the user’s iPhone when scanned. Connecting the device to CarPlay moves it to a vehicle.

Users can also view upcoming meetings and join them via audio through CarPlay, a feature only available through Webex. Once a user is at their final destination, the session can continue over the phone and further connected to a conference room if needed.

The feature is also available for Android users.

The news builds on promises the company has made regarding “next-gen office spaces.”

Cisco announced back in March it was working with car manufacturer Ford to run Webex in their new electric vehicles. It will feature a 15.5-inch screen, called SYNCA 4A, that uses HTML5 and will offer a connection to Webex online. An app will also become available on the device.

“The automotive industry is undergoing a massive digital transformation. Cisco has the potential to help our customers embrace technology and fundamentally change the driving experience,” Chuck Robbins, Cisco’s chair and CEO, said.

Image credit: Cisco 

Source: Cisco