Google Pixel 6a unboxing video arrives ahead of July release

Curious what's in the Pixel 6a box? This YouTuber has you covered!

Google Pixel 6a box

For those planning to pick up a Pixel 6a when it releases at the end of July, a new unboxing video reveals what you can expect to come with the phone.

YouTuber Fazli Halim posted a video unboxing Google’s upcoming mid-range phone — it’s not clear how Halim got his hands on a Pixel 6a, considering it’s not available yet. You can check out the full video below, although it’s worth noting that Halim speaks in Malay and Google’s auto-translating captions don’t work great with the video.

As for what’s in the box, well, there’s nothing surprising. When Halim first cracks it open, you see the back of the Pixel 6a. Beneath the phone is a USB-C-to-C charging cable and a USB-A-to-C adapter, plus a small box with a SIM tool and two little booklets.

The rest of the video includes Halim showing off the Pixel 6a, comparing it with the 6 Pro (which has a notably beefier camera visor), and using the device. Toward the end of the video, Halim also tries the camera — he shared a picture on Twitter, although it’s hard to judge the quality after passing through the site’s compression.

All-in-all, it looks like the Pixel 6a will offer a standard unboxing experience. It’s exactly what you’d expect, for better or worse.

As a refresher, the Pixel 6a sports a 6.1-inch, 60Hz AMOLED display, 12.2-megapixel wide-angle and 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle cameras, Google’s Tensor chip, a 4,410mAh battery and 18W fast charging. The phone will cost $599 in Canada and will be available for pre-order starting July 21st before releasing on the 28th.

Image credit: Fazli Halim’s (YouTube)

Source: Fazli Halim (YouTube) Via: Android Authority