Voicemod AI can make you sound like Morgan Freeman while you’re playing Fortnite

What a time to be alive

The popular voice-changing app, Voicemod, now uses AI to transform your voice into several different characters through its ‘AI Voices’ beta.

In a recent video revealing the beta version of the new feature, several different voices are shown off, including Morgan Freeman, an astronaut voice, a pilot voice, a mothership voice and an “AI-9000 voice,” though more are included in the beta.

With a real-time speech-to-speech voice conversion engine, the AI is able to create a realistic voice while keeping factors such as emotion, accentuation and pacing for clear voice output.

Voicemod says that its new “PowerPitch Technology” allows users to build realistic, persistent online voice identities for gaming, work, school, role-playing, or social communication.

Voicemod is currently available for PC and is compatible with games and apps like Discord, Fortnite, Steam, OBS, PUBG Battlegrounds, CSGO, GTA 5, Second Life, Teamspeak, Zoom, XSplit, VrChat, Stream Deck, Valorant, Streamlabs, ASMR, and Skype.

The current version of the app is only available on PC, but a Mac version of the app is on the way soon, says the company.

Image Credit: Voicemod

Sources: Voicemod Via: The Verge