Facebook making changes to algorithm to challenge TikTok

Meta says that features like 'Reels' are performing well

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It looks like Meta is looking to compete with TikTok after internal memos have leaked revealing the social media giant’s plans for a new take on the classic Facebook feed.

The Verge obtained an internal memo from the Meta executive in charge of Facebook, Tim Alison, back in April 2022 that indicated the social media platform discussed a method of luring users back to the platform’s main feed as TikTok continued to grow in popularity.

The memo emphasized three key changes to Facebook’s feed, including ‘Reels,’ a recommendations system, and the return of an all-in-one messaging system with message-based sharing.

This is part of Meta’s efforts to introduce Facebook as a “discovery engine,” as mentioned in the memo from Alison.

In the memo, Meta says that it has experienced growth thanks to new features like ‘Reels,’ ‘Watch’ and ‘In-Feed Recommendations’ (IFR).

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Source: The Verge