PlayStation updates Share Factory Studio with more robust editing features

Examples include adding confetti when you beat a huge enemy in Horizon Forbidden West or laughter over a misplay in MLB: The Show

PlayStation has updated its photo and video editing Share Factory Studio PS5 app with a new ‘Bits’ feature.

With Bits, can add all kinds of flourishes to their videos, including filters, text, music, sound effects, voiceover and more. You can even create freeform doodles using the DualSense controller.

“Our goal with Bits is to make it super easy and fun for PlayStation gamers to create and share short-form gameplay videos for sharing cool achievements, jokes, stunts, and any other type of eye-catching content,” writes PlayStation.

To demonstrate all of this, PlayStation released a two-minute video showing the feature in action. Some of the use cases include adding celebratory sound effects and confetti when taking down a tough creature in Horizon Forbidden West or throwing laughter over a silly misplay in MLB: The Show.

Once you’ve completed your edit, you can upload it directly to Twitter or YouTube.

Share Factory Studio can be downloaded for free on PS5.

Source: PlayStation