YouTuber makes enormous Xbox Series X that’s the size of a fridge

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Giant Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X looks like a fridge.

It really does, and in fact, the ongoing joke even inspired Microsoft to get in on the fun with its own Xbox Series X fridge.

However, why someone would want to make a fridge-sized Xbox Series X is perplexing. Michael Pick, a YouTuber known for creating a massive functional Nintendo Switch, is back at it again — this time, with Microsoft’s current-gen console.

The massive Xbox Series X is 2.08m (roughly 6.82ft) tall and 0.7m (about 2.41 ft) wide and weighs 113kg (approximately 250lbs). Undeniably, this monstrosity is a big boi that starkly contrasts the homemade PS5 slim I recently covered.

In the video, Pick details that the most difficult part of creating the giant Series X was copying the console’s curved top that’s full of dozens of cutouts. He said he was able to create the look by printing out tiny sections and then gluing them together, which took him a total of two weeks just for that particular part of the project.

Of course, the giant console functions as a standard Xbox Series X despite its massive housing. Even its iconic Xbox button works by sending a signal to an Arduino microcontroller that presses the button on the actual Series X inside it. The creation also holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Xbox ever made.

Image credit: Michael Pick (YouTube) (Screenshot)

Source: Michael Pick (YouTube) Via: Polgyon