A Chromebook with dedicated gaming hardware might be in the making

Leaks suggest htat HP is currently developing a Chromebook that will run on Intel’s Alder Lake CPU and an unnamed Nvidia GPU

Chrome OS logo on a Chromebook

Last year, Google was reportedly working on a ‘Game Mode‘ that would offer performance improvements while playing games on a Chrome OS device. Now, it seems that manufacturers are interested in developing Chromebooks with dedicated gaming hardware, instead of just software optimizations.

9o5Google suggests that gaming Chromebooks with gamer-esque RGB keyboards are in the making, under brands like HP and Lenovo. According to the report, said gaming Chromebook would come pre-loaded with a “Cloud Gaming Partner Platform app.” “We have managed to confirm that this app is a shortcut to Nvidia GeForce Now, which gained official ChromeOS support in 2020. GeForce Now will even be one of the starter apps that is pinned to your ChromeOS bottom bar,” said the publication.

Additionally, Google’s own Stadia will also come pre-installed and as a pinned app in said Chromebooks. According to 9to5, these gaming Chromebooks would show a different screen when you’re initially setting it up. You’ll be shown a screen that says “get ready to start gaming,” alongside a graphic of a game controller.

ChromeOS’s Explore app, which provides you with tips and tricks to use the Chromebook when you’re first setting it up, will also seemingly have a new description: “Open the Explore app after setup to start gaming. Access hundreds of the latest games, see gaming offers, and get an immersive gaming experience.”

A separate ChromeUnboxed report suggests that HP is currently developing a Chromebook that will run on Intel’s Alder Lake CPU and an unnamed Nvidia GPU. According to the publication, evidence of Intel and Nvidia teaming up isn’t just hearsay, and instead, is available to see in the Chromium Repositories.

All of the evidence points towards a gaming Chromebook being in the making, giving customers a way to play high-end PC games not only on the cloud but also natively on their machine.

Like with all other leaks, we recommend that you take the Gaming Chromebook leak with a grain of salt until Google or HP officially announces something.

Source: 9to5Google, ChromeUnboxed