Eastlink ready to install fibre in Mindemoya, Ontario internet upgrade

Eastlink received funding for the project through the UBF

Eastlink says its fibre upgrade in Mindemoya, Ontario is on track to bring high-speed internet access to residents and businesses.

The company has completed the initial design work, obtained fibre networking equipment and is prepping the area to install the fibre.

The funding for the upgrade came from the federal government’s Universal Broadband Fund (UBF). The government announced $16 million in funding for rural Ontario households in June 2021, awarding Eastlink with a $1.04 million contract to bring high-speed internet to 321 households in Mindemoya.

“We are very pleased to be upgrading our network in Mindemoya with our most advanced fibre connectivity, especially as demand for high-speed internet has never been greater, particularly over these last couple of years,”  Jeff Gillham, Eastlink’s CEO, said on the update.

Image credit: Eastlink

Source: Eastlink