Elon Musk desperately wants to be a Bond villain, plans to build underground hideout

The 'private tunnel' would be located under Tesla's Austin, Texas Gigafactory

Elon Musk

Elon Musk has applied to build a ‘private tunnel’ under Tesla’s Austin, Texas Gigafactory.

The application filed by Musk’s Boring Company (via Electrek) doesn’t outline what the billionaire intends to do with the giant underground lair tunnel, but the filing is currently with the city of Austin.

The project is called the ‘Colorado River Connector Tunnel’ and its description only includes the following alongside 12733 Tesla Rd being listed as its address:

“The applicant is proposing a private access tunnel along with associated improvements.”

The Boring Company continues to work on its ‘Loop’ in Las Vegas, Nevada, a system of tunnels that utilizes Tesla’s electric vehicles to move people between stations in order to avoid above-ground traffic. The concept is kind of like a subway, but with electric vehicles (EVs) capable of making more stops. It’s worth noting that the Loop also isn’t remotely like what Musk had promised, and is basically a narrow tunnel full of Tesla cars.

It’s likely that Musk has a similar plan for his mysterious Colorado River Connector Tunnel but that it could be designed for internal use at Tesla, including moving employees across the Gigafactory’s campus — or, Musk just wants to build a super villain lair.

Electrek has a full copy of the application up on its website.

In other Musk-related news, the billionaire’s quest to acquire Twitter is still underway, his trans daughter has filed to cut ties with him and Tesla plans to fire 3.5 percent of its workforce this year.

Source: Electrek Via: Gizmodo