GM deploys UVeye’s AI to ‘quickly and accurately’ inspect vehicles

UVeye's tech scans and analyzes high-quality, multi-angle images of a vehicle to identify any issues

Robots, digital assistants, and smart gadgets are all around us, and strive to make human life easier. General Motors (GM) is doing something similar by bringing artificial intelligence (AI) to its vehicle inspection process, as reported by The Verge.

The technology comes from an Israeli startup called UVeye, which makes AI diagnostic systems with sensors that can quickly spot damaged parts or maintenance issues unmistakably. GM will sell UVeye’s technology to its dealer network as part of the agreement to enhance its vehicle inspection systems.

In addition, GM will collaborate with UVeye on a number of vehicle inspection technology projects involving used car auctions, fleet management, and automotive dealership sales.

“High-speed inspection equipment can serve as tools of empowerment for new-and used-car dealers,” said Amir Hever, CEO and founder of UVeye, in a press statement. “We very much look forward to working with GM in the months and years ahead. Both companies share the same vision and sense of innovation and when it comes to vehicle quality, the future is a bright one.”

According to the report, UVeye’s tech scans and analyzes high-quality, multi-angle images of the vehicle to identify any issues and create objective documentation of the vehicle as it moves from point to point along its ‘Automotive Lifecycle.’ Machine learning and high-definition cameras “quickly and accurately” inspect tires, the vehicle’s underbody, and the vehicle’s exterior for faults, missing parts, and other safety-related issues.

Last year, UVeye secured a $60 million ($77 million CAD) Series C funding led by investors like CarMax, W.R. Berkley Corporation, and F.I.T. Ventures. According to GM, UVeye’s AI tech will be made available across 4,000 of its dealership locations across the U.S.

Image credit: UVeye

Source: UVeye Via: The Verge